Vital information on IVF in USA and Mexico


USA has emerged as an important center for medical tourism destination for fertility treatment because the country has been providing affordable world class private treatments for quite some time. The IVF treatment programs of USA have been recognized across the global map due to its specialized ventures and English speaking consultants and fertility experts. The destination has immensely been developing its infrastructure and equipment store periodically to facilitate the advanced capabilities in the field of IVF procedures.

The topography and climate of USA has made it a favored choice amongst infertile couples looking for IVF program. The venue offers multiple tourist vacations throughout the year that attracts people for its bright sand beaches and rich cultural heritage. A relaxing holiday along with the most affordable fertility treatment in the most equipped fertility treatment destination is all that an infertile intended parent looks for. USA provides best equipment infrastructure and a team of medical practitioners who provide the ultimate fertility treatment guidance.

The city has amazing golden beaches and it is one of the most soothing coastal destinations in USA. The weather suits the fertility treatment procedure and IVF. It has a perfect impact on the fertilization process to make it faster and proper. Maximum eggs multiplication occurs in this favorable weather condition that opens doors for cryopreservation of embryos.

There are a large number of accommodations available at various rates that attract intended parents all over the world to get their fertility treatment programs done in this city. The hotels, lodges, and dormitories offer special packages for intended parents. The fertility treatment centers have empanelled local dormitories with them to accommodate the intended parents at a low cost.

IVF in Mexico

Medical tourism in Mexico has grown due to its affordability in private treatment, availability of world-class qualified and English speaking specialist medical practitioners.

Mexico’s nearness to Latin America, Canada, and the USA has made it a favorite spot of infertility treatment. There are multiple options of tourist vacation available amidst the perfect white sand beaches, bright sunshine. The historic value and richness of Mexican culture make this place more desired for infertility treatments for most intended parents. Thus, couples get a relaxing holiday along with infertility treatment in this fairly land of parenthood.

Mexico has gained dependable popularity amongst global surrogacy seeker. IVF is one of the most popular formats of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). It executes a combination of egg and sperm in a culture dish in medical laboratories. Common causes of both female and male infertility can be steering cleared off by renowned fertility doctors in Mexico and help individual couples to attain their goal of pregnancy.

Why Mexico?

The foremost reason to choose Mexico as the land of your successful surrogacy is the cost. Most Americans and Canadians are choked by the cost of IVF treatment in the USA and Canada. Patients who require ICSI, which is assisted, hatching for PGD, have to bear even more expenses. Also, not many people in the USA have infertility covered under health insurance. A few health insurance companies, however, cover few areas of infertility but most of the infertility costs have to be spent out of the patient’s pocket. American and Canadian patients look forward to IVF in Mexico to save money for repeated attempts of treatment if required.

Traveling to Mexico

It’s easy and convenient to travel to Mexico for couples from USA and Canada. People from the USA visiting Mexico do not require a visa. However, it is required for couples coming from other parts of the world. It’s a 4 to 5 hours of journey by jet for patients traveling from New York or Chicago.

Hiking, swimming, exotic beaches and authentic regional cuisine attracts couple to visit this fairyland to give birth to their child. You get an opportunity to learn the Mayan culture as you visit Mexican historical sites or swing amongst the coral reefs. Whale watching is another amazing attraction in the Sea of Cortez, popularly known as Mexico’s Galapagos.

Useful Information about Mexico for couples to Know before they go

The United Mexican States or Mexico is a federal constitutional North American republic. It’s three times as big as Texas and speaks Spanish. It is a rapidly developing country in terms of economy as stands the thirteenth biggest economy in the world by World Bank in terms of GDP.

The climate here ranges from tropical to arid. Landform varies of coastal lowlands, plains, deserts, central high plateaus, and mountains of up to 18,000 feet.