Partnership with Fertility Clinic Americas

A partnership with Fertility Clinic Americas means becoming part of something greater. Our clinics are 100% dedicated to the patients that entrust their faith in us to help them start their families. We take our responsibility for achieving their dreams very seriously, providing the highest quality care to meet and exceed the expectations of every individual that comes to us with a dream of parenthood. With dedication and a name synonymous with reliability, we are proud of the excellence our team consistently realizes at each of our clinics.

From IVF and Egg Donor to Gestational Carrier services, we are proud to be able to offer our help to individuals all around the world that are facing infertility struggles. Our fertility solutions are provided by a team of qualified and experienced professionals that are passionate about making the dreams of our patients become reality. With access to the latest and greatest techniques, technologies, and equipment, our team has all the tools they need to keep our success rates high and every patient satisfied in our programs.


Be Part of Our Clinic Family

We have been and continue to be critical parts of countless infertility journeys that have found solutions at our clinics. We are excited to invite you to join hands with us to become an integral part of our family and those that come to us to help as we make seemingly impossible dreams become beautiful realities with healthy babies safely put into loving arms. When you join us, our clinics will become yours just as much as they are ours, and we firmly believe that any partnership with us should be just as unique and special as each of our families to continue our tradition of distinction and dedication. If you are looking for a partnership fully committed to the highest quality patient care while creating families, you have made the right decision with Fertility Clinic Americas.

Patient Safety, Comfort, and Satisfaction Are Our Priorities

There are numerous fertility clinics you can choose to partner with, and we are honored that you are considering joining us. We understand that your patients are of the utmost importance to you, and we want you to know we share your sentiments completely. Our patients are treated with respect and empathy at all times, and we are committed to providing them with the same high level of care they would expect from you. We employ the best in the infertility field, with each of our team members trained, experienced, and uniquely qualified to be able to overcome infertility struggles.

As they work diligently to find solutions, they prioritize the safety and comfort of every patient at every step of the journey we share together, answering their questions and making sure their needs are met. By maintaining a foundation of quality, we continue to have some of the highest success rates in the field with the best possible patient satisfaction.

How to Become a Partner

We are excited about the opportunity to join hands with you as we make the dreams of countless patients come true by creating families. To discover what we can achieve by working together, please contact us. We are eager to hear from you to discuss any questions you have and go into further detail about how you can become a partner today. Whether it is more convenient for you to meet us at our location or in a location of your choice, we look forward to ensuring your comfort, satisfaction, and confidence in us while you are our honored guest.