Mariam Kukunashvili

Mariam was graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University with honor and was granted full government scholarship for further studies. Upon completing her 3-year residency program she continued her studies at Tbilisi State Medical University to pursue her Master Degree in Healthcare Management and Economics. In parallel to her post-graduate studies, Mariam worked as a night shift nurse and later as a doctor at an Emergency Care Unit of Tbilisi Central Hospital.

From 2003, Mariam works as a Regional Coordinator for EU supported project “Primary Health Care Financing Reform in Georgia” , where she has been supervising health care reform in the Country. After Health Care Reform Project, Mariam continues work at various EU and USA Embassy funded projects: “Palliative Care’, Poverty Reduction”, US Embassy programs on “Sustainment and Stability Operations program”, “Bioweapon’s Threat Reduction Program”.

From 2008, Mariam came to Fertility sphere with her own history of infertility struggle. She suffered from endometriosis for a long time. She underwent 11 unsuccessful IVF attempts and 4 surgeries, then one successful but ectopic pregnancy. The medical conditions lead her to turn to surrogacy. With the help of 2 wonderful surrogate mothers, she and her husband have a beautiful daughter and twin boys, born in 2011.

Mariam is the principal author of the books “Surrogate Motherhood: The World Practice and Georgian Reality”, “Aging and Healthy Lifestyle” and Co-Author of Surrogacy and Fertility book which was published by Cambridge University in 2016. She also writes articles and Blogs for various Georgian newspapers.

Mariam strongly believes that every business has a corporate Social responsibility, thus she funds In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) programs for a certain number of Georgian infertile couples on monthly bases. Moreover, she is a founder of charity organization New Life Fund assisting school children from vulnerable families via providing the monthly stipend for their studies and arranging study corners at home.

Mariam is extremely passionate about people who are dealing with infertility, as she has personally experienced the headache and disappointment associated with it. Mariam brings her remarkable clinical and personal experience to the New Life Georgia and leads the clinics with great commitment to its vision and goals.

Dr. Mariam Kukunashvili
Dr Eunice Zavala


Dr Eunice Zavala

Chief IVF Doctor

Dr. Eunice Zavala received the Gynecologist and Obstetrician degree in “La Salle” University in Mexico city. She continues her subspecialty of Biology of Reproduction (Reproductive Medicine) at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, and before joining Fertility Clinic Americas, she worked in one of the most important clinics in Europe.
Her focus on the implementation of individualized patient protocols, her management in gynecological endocrinology, menopause and pre-menopause and miscarriage risk management  will help you to increase the chance to get a pregnancy, her experience successfully resolving fertility issues and her empathetic and caring person has made her a leading fertility doctor.  


Li Meng

Ph. D .; HCLD (AAB)
Invited Embryologist from California, USA

Mr. Li Meng has been leading the IVF laboratory for about twenty years. He is the acting Director of IVF laboratories at the Fertility Center at Beachwood University Hospital and Associate Professor Visiting the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. Louisville, KY.
Mr. Li Meng is Director of Clinical Laboratory in High Complexity (HCLD), Embryology and Andrology by the American Board of Bioanalysis. Mr. Li Meng has obtained his Postdoctoral Scholarship at the Assisted Reproductive Technology Laboratory, Oregon Regional Primate Research Center, Beaverton, Oregon. He has completed her postdoctoral fellowship in Reproductive Biology Research Laboratories, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Western Ontario, London. In Canada. Mr. Li Meng has earned his Ph.D., Joint Graduate Program from the North Carolina State University and the Beijing Agricultural University, specializing in Mammalian Developmental Biology. He defended his thesis on Studies on nucleocitoplasmatic interaction during oocyte maturation and preimplantation development of embryos in rodents.
Its professional objective is to combine applied research with clinical IVF. He has cloned the first monkey in the world in 1996 at Oregon’s National Primate Research Center and has twice received the most recognized awards at the ASRM-General Program Prize Paper at the 53rd annual Pol-scope / SpindleView.
His recent clinical projects focus on:
· Cryopreservation of Oocyte: It has cryopreserved several thousand oocytes using both traditional manual vitrification method and automated microfluidic vitrification instrumentation recently developed in its laboratory.
· Non-invasive imaging system operated by robotics (collaborated with Nikon). This system is capable of performing remote monitoring and automatic detection of the early excision of the human embryo with a robot imaging system.
Mr. Li Meng is the author of a significant number of publications. He is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, Society for the Study of Reproduction, International Primatological Society, American Society of Primatologists, International Society for Embryo Transfer, Cryobiology Society. Mr. Li Meng has received important awards and honors from the relevant companies

Li Meng
Paula Zavala González


Paula Zavala González

Biologist and Laboratory Director

She obtained her degree in Biology from Guadalajara University, she made her internship at Barcelona University and completed her training in fertility centers in New York, where she developed excellent skills as an embryologist. Later she became the laboratory director at NHFC of Mexico City and lab consultant in NHFC Guadalajara.

You can feel confident that your tiny embryos will be in the best hands, with the help of her skills and the forefront technology used in Fertility Clinic Americas, she will obtain the best results.


Brian Yaden

Our Exclusive Representative in U.S

Brian was graduated from Florida International University with honors and has been a guest speaker and participated in numerous fertility and surrogacy panels and conferences since 2010 when he and his husband began their own surrogacy journey, and has become internationally recognized as an expert in the field. Brian and his husband Henry began helping many other intended parents with their surrogacy journeys as well, providing advice and guidance related to international surrogacy. In 2014, Brian and Henry were blessed with the birth of their daughter Patricia, born in Thailand, thanks to their amazing surrogate. That same year, their ongoing surrogacy consultation business expanded into Mexico. Their business, MIRACLE Surrogacy, is the largest U.S.-based full-service surrogacy agency operating in Mexico and has helped hundreds of people create or expand their families through surrogacy. Brian and MIRACLE Surrogacy are the exclusive authorized U.S. representatives for Fertility Clinic Americas and In Vitro Cancun as global partners in international surrogacy.

Brian Yaden
Andrea de León


Andrea de León

Front Desk Manager

Andrea has 7 years of experience in public relations and customer service. Her Academic background in international languages at the University of Cancun guarantees the best customer service. Andrea won scholarship and continued her further studies in Germany and USA where she also improved her language abilities.

At Fertility Clinic Americas Andrea provides professional and friendly service to our patients, greets customers and ensures they feel well attended. She maintains a professional work environment and supports management in administrative issues.


Bozana Kardas

Administrative Manager

Bozana has joined Fertility Clinic Americas at the beginning of December 2018 as Administrative Manager after perfecting her skills in diverse and well-reputed institutions in Europe and Mexico.
As a born leader she has developed the precise touch to encourage and stimulate those around her to give their best. At FCA her main professional challenges are to improve the work environment, facilities, the image of the brand, expand the market and keep satisfied a strict and demanding portfolio of clients, among others.

Bozana is not only a highly motivated professional, but she also understands perfectly the crystallization of a dream that so many families yearn for, the arrival of that tiny person that brings happiness and joy to their home from her personal experience. Her empathy and passion for her work make Bozana a valuable asset to our team.

Bozana Kardas
Alejandra Olazcoaga


Alejandra Olazcoaga


Alejandra has a nursing degree, graduated from the Autonomous University of Morelos State. Has an extense experience in different levels of health care and federal recognition programs, participating in national emergency situations like natural disasters.

She is in charge of providing nursing action, promotion, and prevention health, clinical profile management, and support the physician in patient care and assisting surgical area during the different processes including IVF Thanks to her experience and professionalism she recognizes the importance of treating each patient with a unique and individual treatment to make it successful.


Ana Maria Garcia


At Fertility Clinic Americas ,Ana Maria Garcia cleans and sanitizes patient areas, collects information and treatment plans from nurse and doctors, ensures safety regulations are followed and sanitary and hygiene norms are safeguarded. She has warm personality and greets future parents with smile, warmth and genuine care.

Ana Maria Garcia
Zaide Alejandra Enriquez


Alejandra Enriquez

Patient Coordinator

With her vast experience over more than ten years in the area of customer service, Alejandra serves as our patients´ coordinator in a warm and personalized way. She is in charge of being in direct contact with our local and international intended parents. Always assisting and providing information and quotes about the different plans in fertility treatments. This and other concerns that could arise at the beginning of the process of this beautiful and important journey, ensuring the quality and satisfaction of our service.

Her empathy, care, dedication and daily commitment is in solidarity with the dream of our patients to become parents.


María Guadalupe López Berzunza

IVF Nurse

She studied the Bachelor in Nursing at the University of Cancún “La Salle” obtaining her professional degree through the Ceneval test with outstanding results and honors. Having four years in the range Guadalupe has extensive experience in the area of ​​Assisted Reproduction and in different levels of medical care; maintaining her career in constant training as attending at the 54th Mexican Congress of Reproduction Medicine within the course: Assisted Reproduction Nursing, in the month of July, 2017. In Fertility Clinic Americas she provides warm and expert care, management of the clinical profile and assistance to the doctor in patient care as in the surgical area such as assisted reproduction procedures. Her excellence and professionalism brings great value to each of the treatments performed within our clinic.

María Guadalupe López Berzunza