Gender Selection

Ethical sex selection

Through IVF, sex selection services are offered to parents who wish to choose the sex of their child.

Family balance, prevention of hereditary genetic diseases related to gender selection, problems out a specific sex at term are valid for want or need this treatment reasons, but in many countries or states is not an option due to bad facilities or local laws.

However, it is perfectly legal and accepted in Cancun. We employ highly trained specialists to provide the support, advice and accurate care you need to make the procedure successful and comfortable. Even if sex selection is not available in your home country, we still keep to international standards both in terms of clinical care and ethical concerns.

There are several types of procedures used for gender selection, but most involve separating the X and Y chromosome (Ericsson technique) into the sperm samples, or selecting embryos that have been developed with female or male DNA, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (a part of preimplantation genetic diagnosis) is most commonly used to determine sex, as it is 99% accurate.

At each stage, you will be provided with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your care and your growing family. At FC Americas, your peace of mind and the health of your family are our priorities.

Gender Selection

Gender selection with Ericsson technique

Ericsson is a technique used to separate “male” sperm from “female” sperm, which is slower. In vitro fertilization is performed with the desired spermatozoa or can also be done in artificial insemination.
The success rate with the Ericsson method.
Ericsson argues that its technique has an effectiveness of 76 to 80 percent when it comes to choosing males and 73 to 75 percent when it comes to choosing the female sex.

How is it performed?

Since the seventies, it has been carried this technique because the base of it focuses on the speed of sperm with the X chromosome which his swimming is slower than the Y chromosome that is faster and lighter.

By means of the centrifugation of the sperm, the spermatozoa with Y chromosome will be in the part superior of the semen and be completing this treatment with techniques of in vitro fertilization it reaches a success of 80% in the selection of sex of the baby.