Sperm Bank

Sperm Donation Process

We have a wide range of samples of semen (national or foreign), is a treatment that has been increasing today, especially for women who have decided to live the experience of being mothers without the need to have a partner aside, or couples of same sex.

Selecting the Sperm Donor is an emotional process for some future mothers. They may have different judgment for selecting the appropriate sperm donor. For some future mothers, the previous donation story is more important, while others pay more attention to the level of education, physical appearance, ethnicity, and age. In order to facilitate the selection process, we have several extensive profiles. These profiles contain information about donation history, family medical history, education, current occupation and many others. This allows prospective mothers to make a list of candidates based on their requirements.

The medical test on the donors are:

  • CBC / hb – Complete blood count / hemoglobin
  • Blood Group and Rhesus – In case of emergency blood transfusion is necessary.
  • HIV – Human immunodeficiency virus
  • HBsAg-Hepatitis B
  • VDRL – Syphilis
  • HCV – Hepatitis C
  • Herpes virus
  • Cytomegalovirus
Sperm Donation services

Once the evaluation is approved, the donor is ready to participate in the program.

The above-mentioned evaluation is a standard examination that is performed, however, if the prospective mothers have any additional screening requirements, the additional payment is calculated based on the requested examination and those incurred at additional expense.