HIV Positive Patients

Can I receive IVF treatment even with HIV?

We have the specialized technology and knowledge to help you create your family safely, even if you are HIV positive.

We strongly believe that intended parents, with HIV positive, deserve the opportunity to have a family like anyone else. With us, there are no barriers to medical services – including fertility treatments and pregnancy care. The latest advances in Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) and sperm washing techniques mean that IVF can be performed safely and without the risk of transmitting the virus.

As an example, one of the most common HIV-specific fertility treatments for HIV-positive men is known as “sperm washing.” This is a procedure that isolates sperm from the rest of the semen as HIV floats as free viral particles. It does not infect the spermatozoids themselves. In addition, we can use multiple drug regimens to suppress HIV to undetectable levels, making transmission of the virus incredibly unlikely.

We take all possible measures to ensure the safety and health of both the child and the parents. All parents who have been HIV positive have undergone a rigorous health screening process prior to the start of treatment, including the submission of medical records documenting at least six months of viral load and a complete infectious disease detection process.

HIV Positive intended parents