How Many Failed IVF Cycle Is Normal in an IVF Program

Fertility treatment has bought smiles too many families. Childless couples have been able to have their own genetically connected child after IVF. IVF cycle can be a failure in the first few attempts. It is a normal phenomenon. It is normal and expected in the first few trials. Infertility has a wide diversity.

As a childless couple, you have had your part of the struggle. You have walked a long way as you have decided to have a genetically connected baby. The journey of being a childless couple to an intended couple has a lot of struggle in it. You must see yourself as a warrior and not get defeated by any spirit.

It can be really devastating for a couple to know that the embryo transfer did not turn out to be positive. It is difficult for them to accept the fact that they are healthy and perfect embryo could not get developed in the perfect uterus of the surrogate. As a matter of fact, this is a very normal thing to happen. We completely understand that the couple goes through shock, disbelief, and grief after they hear such news.

It is important for the intended couple to understand the fact that things might not go as per plan all the time. There should be room for a human element and everything cannot be put on technology. Well, a failed transfer does not mean that the couple will never achieve pregnancy. They must remain calm, composed and carry a positive attitude. It is quite normal to have first 3 attempts getting failed in an IVF program. There are various unexplained reasons and influences of infertility that fails an IVF cycle. Hence, a couple should remain prepared for quite a few numbers of failures in their IVF programs. In many cases, positive results have been achieving in the 5th or 6th trial.

Every IVF patient understands the course of the cycle and its possible results. Most of them enter into this treatment after thorough study and research. Others are educated about the possibilities of the procedure before they are enrolled in the trials. Every woman going through IVF treatment expects to be pregnant in the very first attempt. However, they very well know the mixed possibilities of each trial that she undergoes. Human nature is to expect everything fast. This is why intended mothers get impatient to know the result after embryo implantation.

Most women we have come across in our years of experience have the tendency to take the pregnancy test immediately to confirm their conception. All the while they will think whether the embryos are stuck or not! They remain anxious about the upcoming pregnancy result and want to make sure about it fast.

It is a very common thing noticed in these couples to spend time analyzing the reasons for their failed pregnancy attempt. It is natural for them to invest time in understanding what has gone wrong in order to not attempt that in their next trial. As a protocol, your medical team will also sit with you to discuss the things that have been the reasons behind your failed pregnancy effort.

The patients need a lot more courage and conviction to begin their next IVF cycle. This new medical technology has bought babies in countless homes. Intended parents have been encouraged to go for this treatment after they have read so many miraculous stories over the internet and other media about childless couples becoming happy parents. Most of them are educated about the procedure where the IVF consultant develops an embryo outside the mother’s womb in the laboratory and introduces it into the mother’s womb later. They are all aware of this basic plan. However, there are a lot of things involved in the procedure that might have caused the failure of pregnancy even after the successful introduction of the embryo in the mother’s womb.