Important Questions to Ask Your Fertility Doctor

Starting the journey of fertility treatment is a vital decision of your life. You have a lot to think, plan and do as you take up the treatment for you. Once you have shortlisted the fertility clinics those you are considering, your next step should be to prepare yourself for the consultation session with the doctor. It is very much needed to prepare a questionnaire to take along with you as you go for your first scheduled appointment with the fertility expert. The fertility clinic also has a lot to know from you. This includes your medical records, facts about your lifestyle and objectives. Apart from the medical coordinator, the reproductive endocrinologist also has a bunch of questions ready for you as you visit them.

Brace yourself for the moment as it an emotional time for you. We understand the excitement and fear those works in intended parents during the time. Make sure that you visit the fertility expert as a couple for your first consultation. This will ease the procedure for both the parties. In case you are looking for fertility treatment as an individual, take any of your friend or well-wisher with you. It is a good idea to do a complete homework and note down all your queries for the fertility specialist. You can talk your heart out with the doctor and evaluate the procedure as well. This will also help you to erase all the impractical expectation from your end and proceed with a positive approach.

Here we have made a list of the important questions to ask the fertility doctor:

Why are we not able to conceive naturally?

Understand the condition of your body by asking this basic question to your doctor. The reason lies there in your medical history and laboratory test results. In case the reason is not clear enough, you might have to go for more tests.

Do I need more tests? If yes, do all of those are covered in my insurance?

Blood tests and hormone evaluations are a must in planning the fertility journey. The doctor may ask you for further tests to evaluate certain conditions. Talk to the financial counselors to know about the limit of your insurance coverage on the tests.

What is the treatment plan?

There are many infertility treatment plans recommended by the doctors based on the physical and psychological evaluation of the couples. There is no standard treatment procedure. The treatment plan is customized as per the infertility status of the couples, doctor’s expertise, and evaluation.

Is there any scope of side-effects in the treatment procedure?

It is a known fact that several hormonal injections and fertility drugs given in the treatment procedure. It is important for the couples to know if they will be able to take the medications with ease or not. The fertility medications have physical and emotional effects on the couple. Hence, it is very important for them to know the procedure best suited to improve their chances of getting pregnant.

What is the success rate with this treatment?

Ask the doctor about the success rate of the treatment without any hesitation remember, you are at the receiving end, and, thus, you have every right to know about the chances of success in advance. You are up to investing a lot of your financial, and, most importantly, the emotional fund in the procedure. Talk openly about the course of treatment, the expected time for the successful completion of the treatment procedure and cost factors.

Last but not least, ask for honest feedback of the fertility expert regarding your age that plays an important role in the success of the fertility treatment. Know about the likeliness of your treatment success from the doctor and proceed accordingly.