IVF with Egg Donation in Cancun, Mexico

Choosing an egg donor is a crucial aspect for intended parents. The decision of using them in the first place also is a major determination for them. They tend to look for the practical traits in the egg donors before finalizing them as they see it as a major factor in enhancing the features of the inherited child. Some parents also count more on repeated egg donors with successful records of fertilization. They should know the fact that an egg donor loses her follicle count after a series of 6 to 7 egg donation. So, going again for them only for the sake of her previous records might not be an intelligent option.

As the concept of IVF and surrogacy has become widespread, women no longer tend to hide the fact that their babies have come out the eggs of another person who acted as the donor in their childbirth process. The donors are genetically or physically similar to the couples and have similar intelligence or ability that the intended parents desire to pass on to their children.

Choosing Mexico for IVF with Egg Donation

Numerous indented parents travel Mexico for IVF with Egg Donation. The prime reason behind such selection is the cost of the procedure in Mexico, which is 10 times lesser than Canada or the USA. Apart from this, Mexican fertility clinics have large database of local and international donors. The cost to pay for IVF with egg donation is around $20, 000 to $25,000 in the USA and Canada. On the other hand, the same procedure of IVF Egg donor program includes accommodation and travel cost in Mexico and yet cost around $12,000-$14,000.

IVF with Egg Donation at NewLife Mexico

As fertility clinics, it is our major responsibility to pre-screen the eggs donated by egg donors before preserving or using it. We pay huge attention to extensively go through the application of all those egg donors who apply to us to help. It is someone’s dream to active parenthood and under no circumstances shall it be taken lightly anywhere. The prospective egg donors are sent to go through a series of medical tests to check their fertility quotient through minimally invasive

procedures. We enroll donors with us who do not smoke and are physically and mentally fit in their prime childbearing age.

Egg Donation Agencies in Mexico

There are several egg donation agencies who work hand in hand with IVF clinics and surrogacy centers. The intended parents get to choose from their database and even interview the donors before hiring them. In case the couple goes for a cryopreserved egg, they are supplied with all the documents related to the donor and quality of the eggs. The eggs that are preserved for future eggs are actually the extra number of healthy eggs that was not used. Those are stored to be utilized in future to reduce the cost and time of this patient procedure. We understand the care that the intended parents need to deserve in this critical time of their lives, and, hence, support them with best of our services that we can offer.

Hopeful couples are explained with all the possibilities and pros & cons of egg donation. They have explained the reasons for their infertility. There are many instances where couples suffer from unexplained reasons of infertility. We put forward all the benefits as well as challenges they are going to experience in the process of working with an egg donor. We stand in their support in this commitment and expect their participation in the egg donation procedure.

The first step of couples undergoing treatment for IVF with egg donation to become a parent is to find a reliable egg donor. Almost all fertility clinics have their database of egg donors to suggest the couples in case of failure of quality egg production even after prolonged IVF treatment. Couples, who are here for childbirth through IVF and surrogacy, are of the intention to save time and money. They also prefer to cut short the treatment procedure by hiring an egg donor for themselves. Assisted fertility techniques of offering an egg donor eradicate the obstacles and barriers of fertility and make it faster towards having a successful pregnancy.