Must Know Truth about Stress and Fertility

It is very important to know the impact of stress on fertility. It is a common belief that stress contributes to fertility problems in women and men. As a matter of fact, the treatment itself is much stressful. Infertility is not a result of your tight work-schedules or punishment for working more than your capacity. Stop blaming yourself for being infertile as your stressful life is not directly responsible for your infertility.

It is unfortunate that some women self-blame themselves and considers themselves victims of their own lifestyle. Of course, physical and emotional stress interferes in the menstruation cycle of women, but it is not responsible for infertility in them. The hormonal changes in the body due to stress is usually self-correcting and self-limiting.

The stress only triggers pre-existing medical condition or predisposition that leads to infertility in a woman. If we look around us, women have conceived under extremely stressful circumstances with zero physiological problems. War prisoners and even traumatized women often get pregnant.

The reproductive system is never vulnerable to stress. Had it been actually vulnerable to stress, the human species would have perished by now. Stress neither impacts egg quality nor does it creates fertility problems. On the contrary, factors like drugs, smoking, drinking, avoiding sex, postponing the time of child-bearing and not following instructions of the fertility medication triggers infertility.

As fertility consultants our advice always remains to reduce stress for a better fertility treatment. We do not deny the fact that IVF is a little less simple procedure for any couple. Childless couples choose IVF treatment program after they face a lot of unnecessary emotional conflicts. Unnecessarily burdening themselves with stress will only add to their troubles. Instead, it is advised to stay calm during the procedure and proceed with positivity.

Follow the guidelines we have discussed below to stay positive and avoid undue stress:

  • Accept the fact that you do not have a control over. You neither control future nor can make any changes to it. Make peace with the fact and proceed towards the solution. There are many things in life which are stressful, if you cannot change it, you can at least handle it with courage and grace. Do not let the situation get worst.
  • Be optimistic and calm. This will lead you to a long way. Do not use that extra adrenaline and handle things gracefully. Unnecessarily filling yourself with stress will only increase your conflicts with your partner. Stay strongly bonded as you are on your journey of infertility treatment.
  • Do not blame each other as a couple and help each other responsible for the situation that you are in. work on the bond and precede hand-in-hand in this journey of infertility treatment.
  • Do not think of even quitting your job to escape the stress. Leaving your job might bring drastic changes to your life. Office colleagues and unstructured free-time in the office often leads to stress reduction and help you to remain distracted from the stress.
  • Spend time in nature more. Explore new holiday destinations. Or you may even explore offbeat locations to elevate your mood. Watch more comedy movies and laugh off the stress.
  • Work out in the gym or practice yoga to burn off your frustration. This will give a positive treat to your physic. Take care of yourself and your partner.
  • Last but not least, do not blame yourself. Instead, treat yourself to the same supportiveness and consideration. Give yourself the respect you give to others you love.

Remember, infertility causes stress, but stress does not cause infertility. Be aware of exact things related to infertility to proceed towards a better treatment and positive result.